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  1. Bengie

    Plymouth Sound Radio Plymouth Sound: The radio station which captured a community Plymouth Sound: The radio station which captured a communityClose One of the UK's most successful independent, local radio stations was Plymouth Sound, which at one point...
  2. Bengie

    Hamilton back where he belongs

    Nice one Hamilton, poll position tomorrow with Bottas on second position and Verstappen in third. So a good chance Hamilton can take tomorrows Budapest race.
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    Japan Olympics not going well

    They messed up the Triathlon with a boat blocking half of the swimmers so stopping them diving in.
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    Here's a real Wow!

    I'm sure every Plymothian and those familiar with the city will recognise this picture. Tinside Pool was built in 1935 so this is obviously way before then.
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    What misleading Crap

    There is an advertisement on MSN and it's typical of a lot of them on there Cut your electricity bill by pulling out the wires, you will be bloody cold in the winter and wont have any lights but you will cut your bills. Who thinks up this con crap and more to the point, why does MSN have...
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    China accused of cyber-attack on Microsoft Exchange servers

    The UK, US and EU have accused China of carrying out a major cyber-attack earlier this year. The attack targeted Microsoft Exchange servers, affecting at least 30,000 organisations globally. The UK said Chinese state-backed actors were responsible, while the EU said the attack came from "the...
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    Gull trapped in netting rescued

    Gull trapped in netting in Cardiff city centre rescued by firefighters They should have thrown bricks at it, they are vermin
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    Yes, yes, yes

    Slow motion footage appears to show Max Verstappen was in the wrong for Lewis Hamilton crash Full Article - With Video
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    Silverstone - Most Exciting so far

    This is easily the best and most exciting race of the season. When it started I was happy the Verstappen went off causing a red flag, so no points for him but that was marred by Hamilton being awarded a 10 second penalty for being involved. On the restart Ferrari knocked the ass off the Merc so...
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    F1 - What Boring Crap

    Just watched some so called qualifying, I have no idea what they were doing, just driving around the track. I thought they were supposed to look at ways of making the racing more exciting but this is total and complete crap. I will try again to watch when the final qualifying starts in about...
  12. Bengie

    GBNews Anti-Woke has Failed

    When GB News was being launched, they advertised themselves as 'anti-woke' but have disappointed miserably at it. They haven't said anything about the following: Have to stop calling this a Gypsy Moth as it's offensive Can't call this a Cabbage White any longer, it's racist. Can't call...
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    Not Sexist Honest

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    Stunning Lady Stunning Song

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    One for us oldies

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    Hope we play this after tonight

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    Surefire way to cut Elec Bill

    Unplug it
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    Sweden tipped to leave bloc

    EU braced for pandemonium as Sweden tipped to leave bloc after 'successful' Brexit deal THE EU could soon lose another member as Sweden is likely to leave the bloc in a few years, especially if Brexit Britain proves successful, a Swedish MEP has told Stefan Löfven, who was last...