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  1. Amber

    Walk Sidmouth - The Clifton Walkway

    Well nice one as usual, what can I say, I don't say much on here but I do visit most days so I do catch your pictures cman and they are up to the usual standard.
  2. Amber

    Walk - Colmers Hill at Bridport

    Do you know cman you are putting us all to shame. This is something all able people should do and also come here and post their pictures, they are so enjoyable. I will have to admit though that I am one of those able bodied people who don't do this sort of thing.
  3. Amber

    Drake Circus saved Plymouth

    It is a wonderful place to shop but the choice isn't very great any longer and there is only the one entrance hidden away at the top of Cornwall Street. It's a shame as it could be the real center for shopping and people make a beeline for it. The council seems rather to lose money on empty...
  4. Amber

    Healthy Eating!

    Oh so true, I would love to see the face of some anti vac reading them.
  5. Amber

    Martians Do Exist

    He would certainly frighten me away.
  6. Amber

    Of Plymouth - Edmund Lockyer 1750-1836

    I love reading the history stories of people from my own home. Can we have some more please :)
  7. Amber

    Flowers for all occasions

    You didn't say which car boot, we would have loved to come and say hello.
  8. Amber

    Flowers for all occasions

    All the best to you Lisa, I have also put your number in my phone book
  9. Amber

    Another Motoring Rip-Off

    That does seem to be an awful lot to fit a socket. Just think how far you can go on £1,000 worth of petrol.
  10. Amber


    Nice one boys :ROFLMAO:
  11. Amber

    Ben Shephard TVs biggest W****r

    We aren't fans either. We can't understand why he tells contestants they they have to get the right answer to get a token. That's obvious to even the most illiterate.
  12. Amber

    Took The wife Fishing

    Oh you are awful - :)
  13. Amber

    Disgusting Fans Deserve to Lose

    I would love one of them to explain to me what any of this has to do with football. It really is disgusting.
  14. Amber

    Disgusting Failed NHS

    I have been in exactly the same situation, not as costly as your call but almost an hour wait and then I didn't get to see a doctor.
  15. Amber

    Free Marriage Tip

    Typical man joke - are you allowed to say these things in todays WOKE society :)
  16. Amber

    GB News in Court

    I see that it has outstripped all other news channels and knocked ITV GMB for six. Lets hope it keeps up.
  17. Amber

    Now I am really really angry

    Good heavens. I can understand why you used that language Bengie. This is probably the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. Like you all I hope they get caught and a tough sentence is imposed but also make to pay for a new one.
  18. Amber


    That's a smashing idea Bengie, I will try that and see what he says.
  19. Amber

    Surgeon who branded patients' livers avoids being struck off

    How did they find out, you can't just take it out and have a look.