Angel Of The Morning


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"Angel of the Morning" is a popular song written by Chip Taylor and recorded by many artists, most notably by Merrilee Rush, P. P. Arnold, Connie Eaton, Mary Mason, Guys 'n' Dolls, Melba Montgomery, Olivia Newton-John and Juice Newton.
The song was composed in 1967 by Chip Taylor, who said of it: "I wrote 'Angel of the Morning' after hearing The Rolling Stones song 'Ruby Tuesday' on the car radio when I was driving into New York City. I wanted to capture that kind of passion.
Here are four very different versions, my personal favourite is by Juice Newton whats yours?

Evie Sands -

Merrilee Rush & the Turnabouts -

Juice Newton -

Chip Taylor -


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It's a smashing song - oh how I miss listening to music that was enjoyable. Took one of my grandaughters to uni some time ago - it was excruciating as I had to listen to her choice of "Music"?
Can't understand how our music has morphed into what it now is.


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Well, it's not 'music' any longer, that word is dead.
I think they write it now while sitting on the toilet, that's if they can write.