Ben Shephard TVs biggest W****r


Have anyone watched Tipping Point, this dickhead has no sense of humour, won't let anyone else speak
and pretends he know all the answers.
He is reading from a vidiprompt as he is too thick to learn the words he has said a thousand times.

He is just as bad on Breakfast, he asks the most stupid question and again pretends he knows what he
is talking about but it's all vidiprompt.


We can't watch him either. We used to enjoy the two hours with Tipping Point and then The Chase
with Bradly Walsh but then he got through and we had to turn him off and just watch the Chase.

Even BBC news isn't as boring as he is.


We aren't fans either. We can't understand why he tells contestants they they have
to get the right answer to get a token. That's obvious to even the most illiterate.


In todays papers

Ben Shephard makes epic royal gaffe on GMB​

Of course he does, he is Ben (dickhead) Shepherd.


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It's been remarked in our house when we watch it why he is so condescending for example
They start with 3 counters, when they use one he will say 'You have used one counter so that leaves you with two'.

What is he suggesting, only he knows the sum of 3 minus 1 because that is what his tone says.
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Also with the last person left he says "You have to get the question right to get a token"

Well obviously they do, what an absolutely stupid thing to say as if they were expecting to get a token
even if they got the question wrong. Dickhead.

Good word there Jennifer 'Condescending' he is certainly that with 'very' before it.