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Britons urged to shun bloc exports over Brexit 'annexation' threat​

THE European Union is using post-Brexit red tape to "annex" Northern Ireland, a former UK diplomat has claimed, while urging Britons to take matters into their own hands by boycotting goods from EU27 countries until the penny drops in Brussels and Dublin.​

And Adrian Hill pointed to the fact that the number of checks at Northern Irish ports dwarfed those at Rotterdam – even though the volume of goods passing through the Dutch port dwarfs those which pass through Belfast and Larne. Mr Hill, a former officer in the Royal Engineers who among other diplomatic posts worked as a member of the Channel Tunnel team at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the COBRA Committee of the Cabinet Office, offered a candid assessment of the performance of Boris Johnson’s Government during the course of a column written for the Conservative Woman website, suggesting Britain’s “schoolchildren” politicians were not “tough enough” to deal with the bloc.

Figures included on the website of the Port of Rotterdam reveal it handled 436.8 million tonnes of goods throughout 2020, making it by far the biggest port in Europe.

By contrast, the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) put the total tonnage through Northern Ireland (NI) ports in 2019 at 27.4 million - barely six percent of the Rotterdam’s figure from a year later.

However, in the face of ongoing tensions between London and Brussels in relation to the Northern Ireland Protocol, which commits Northern Ireland to adhere to EU single market rules with regard to transporting goods to and from the British mainland, Mr Hill suggested the EU was using the issue to make a political point.


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Is that "block exports but allow imports"? If you block imports as well then that leans towards the question of does the UK produce enough food to sustain itself?