Council Vandalism



Fury at 'council vandalism' after more than 100 trees chopped down in 'despicable' attack

The Council sneaked out in the night to chop down the trees in Armada Way despite there being more than
16,000 signatures on a petition.
A court order was going through to put a preservation order on them but was granted only in time to save
3 of the trees.

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Senior Citizen

New member
Why the hell doesn't the Council listen to people, what make them think they are always right.
To sneak out in the night is absolutely disgusting.

So I'm Another Tory vote lost


I agree this is pure vandalism.
Mind you, if the opposition was one of these stop oil type activist groups, then good,
the council got one up on them.

Syvias mother

New member
I think the Tory Council must accept that there will be 16,000 votes less for them in this upcoming election.

I also agree that if it was a bunch of snowflake activists, then nice one Council