DIY Giving The Conservatory A Fresh Look


Looking from the outside the conservatory dosnt look too bad but from the inside it was tired and in need of attention.



First up was the sliding doors, the wheels were worn and the doors didnt slide properly so each door had to be dismantled as they were internal wheels. The wheels or washers as they seemed to be were impossible to track and buy so I had to improvise with metal washers rather than the nylon that had been used when the conservatory was built.

With the "wheels" changed and the doors sliding as they should, it was then we had a closer look at the conservatory. Taking in mind that it was put up about 25 years ago the front had settled down about a centimeter lower than the back thus meaning that the doors wouldnt shut tight as they were supposed to do. A surveyor told us that the conservatory wouldnt sink anymore but to have it dismantled and rebuilt would cost in the region of £16,000.

I decided on a make do fix of realigning the side stops so they were level with the doors and screwed a tapered piece of wood to each side to box the stop in and make it look reasonable. I had to do this for both ends obviously and now the doors were sliding shut and locking in the stops reasonably well.

Next up was the floor, although in good condition, it was in need of a power wash to get it back to looking good again. I have power washed the floor a couple of times in the past so first treated the wood with a cleaner then used my high pressure hose to clean it off. The wood takes about four days to dry out then it will be coated with wood preservative oil.
Ideally it should be oiled once per year for it to stay fresh looking.

The floor was covered with paper to stop the drips of paint ruining it and the edges taped with masking tape.


The woodwork on the inside had been varnished when the conservatory was built so we had to get a special paint called täcklasyr (I dont know the English translation) which allows the grain of the wood to show but covers and protects well.

First coat done and awaiting its second coat but already looking better.


More to follow as the work progresses.


Well - very impressive Alan. I fear I am gravitating into the "Overseer or Planner" mode where I ask someone else to to the heavy work and just pick the jobs that I know I can handle.
Anyway look forward to your next post on this.


Yea, just make sure you don't walk on her nice varnished floor when it's completed,
I'm looking forward to seeing it all finished.


And the makeover is done, we are happy with it - except, I forgot the lights...... Ah well thats next weeks job.