Drake Circus saved Plymouth

Some architect recons that the ugliest building in Devon has saved Plymouth, what it has saved it from no one knows.
He does admit that it is horrible though.
No one has ever said anything good about it since it opened in 2006

“The view from Exeter Street, and seeing Charles Cross Church with that horrible collection of stuff behind it, well, it’s
tragic to be confronted by that,” Prof Brown said. And I agree.

Building Design magazine awarded it the inaugural Carbuncle Cup for architectural grotesqueness and called it a
“crime against architecture”.

The place has loads of empty shops because it is too expensive to rent.

Typical of our Labour council to agree and waste our money on such rubbish.


It is a wonderful place to shop but the choice isn't very great any longer and there is only the one
entrance hidden away at the top of Cornwall Street.
It's a shame as it could be the real center for shopping and people make a beeline for it.

The council seems rather to lose money on empty shops than to reduce the rent and business rates
so making them affordable. Even the bigger stores aren't there.


Like everyone, I have to agree it's ugly and the view coming up Exeter St is just awful.

Fancy such a monstrosity being next to the city official war memorial Charles Church.

It used to be such a nice area to walk around and look at the shops and then go up the escalator to
Tesco and get the groceries and C&A was THE shop for ladies to go into.