How a Scam Works


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How a Scam Works

Some months ago, I tried to sell a cycle on Ebay and in very quick time was offered the asking price. The delivery charge was to be paid and this was not a problem. All I had to do was buy an Amazon Gift Card for the cost of delivery, give this to the courier and I would have the cost of the cycle plus the delivery charge sent to me.

Well, I did not like the sound of that and after checking online it was obvious that this was a scam which had been going on for ages. I did not do the business and told the buyer of why.

So today I received an email from an old friend asking me if I used Amazon. I replied nice to hear from you and said that I did, but not very often.

Here was “her” reply was:-

Glad to hear from you. I need to get Amazon gift cards for a good friend of mine. she is down with cancer of the Liver and It's her birthday today but I can't do this now because I'm currently not close to any stores here. I tried purchasing on Amazon but it was unsuccessful. Can you help me purchase it from your Amazon account? I'll pay back.

Looking forward to hearing from you



I suspect it is from the original “scammer” who somehow got hold of one of my friend’s email addresses. I clicked on her name in the originator (from) line and there was no reason to believe it was not her.

So, don’t take anything for granted – these people will say and do anything to get their hands on your money.

Just wondering what sentence, I would give this person if I was the judge and he/she came up in front of me.

Any ideas?