MalwareBytes Premium


Way back in 2014 I bought a MalwareBytes Premium lifetime key for 175 SEK which would be about £15. Back then it was just a malware scanner not a full blown AV and Malware detector which I am sure you will remember. Anyway for reasons that I cant remember I switched to BitDefender then to Windows Defender. I found the email with the purchase details plus the key so thought just what do they class as lifetime?
Is it the lifetime of that version of the product or my lifetime?

Well I installed the latest version and it registered without any problems and pointed me to my account on the MalwareBytes site (yes I had forgotten about that too). Having logged into my said account, it clearly states that the license will NEVER run out so for fifteen quid I would say thats a bargain but my question is:

How will they know when I am dead?