Missing BBC 2 program.


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Started watching The Detectives: Fighting Organised Crime on BBC2 9pm seen ep1 of 5 on 23 March 2021, ep2 of 5 on 30 March 2021 then no ep3 replaced by repeat of Amazing Hotels on 6 April 2021 and a different program on 13 April 2021. The crime here is the cost of TV license.


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Oh don't I know it, they are always doing this. If there was a respectable reason for it and they told us why
then it wouldn't be so bad but they just do it without warning or explanation.


Hello Steve and Joan. Yes, right behind you with being annoyed at the BBC, more so because we pay
for the service we don't get.

We love to watch Wimbledon in the summer and we will be into and enjoying a match on BBC2 when
they will cut in and say this match is now moving to BBC1 and they start a new match on BBC2, why can't
they put the new match on BBC1, what's the point.

As for the fee, that should be abolished or spread around all the tv companies not just the overpaid BBC people.


I think the BBC has hired kids to man the control rooms and organise the programme schedule, it
really is abysmal, terrible engineering and programmes all to pot


You can't argue against that Amber, the BBC really has dropped in quality over the years and they
either don't seem to notice or just don't care.