Parking Charge Changes


  • Removing cash payments and modernising and upgrading all on-street systems to accept payments by phone (via Apple and Android Pay for example), credit and debit cards and mobile apps, offering greater choice and convenience for drivers and removing the need to use cash, which helps reduce the city’s carbon footprint
  • Bringing on-street parking charges more in line with other cities, increasing the fee for an hour’s parking by 50p to £2 an hour
  • Removing maximum stay restrictions in many central off-street parking locations
  • Raising the price of residents' parking permits in line with inflation, from £30 to £41 a year
  • Increasing the cost of guest house and hotelier permits from £5 to £7 (still providing guests with a saving of £19 off the face value) and replacing paper permits with a more convenient digital system
  • Simplifying off-street charges by introducing three ‘bands’ for car parks, with higher tariffs in the most popular and centrally located car parks such as Elphinstone, Mayflower East, St Andrews Street, North Hill and Guildhall (Band A) and better value tariffs in Bands B and C. Proposals would see short-stay prices increase and long-stay prices decrease in Bands A and B, with no changes in Band C (where the lowest tariffs apply)
  • Allowing drivers to move from a Band A car park to any other car park if they have any unused time remaining, providing more flexibility, convenience and value
  • Increasing the cost of short-stay business permits from £150 to £200 and long-stay from £300 to £400. Discounted rates will be kept as they are for NHS and health care workers, who will receive a new, dedicated health care permit replacing the discounted business permit
  • Supporting local businesses by reducing the free parking period back to two hours (from three) at Mutley Barracks and Napier Street car parks, where drivers are often now parking to visit other locations, such as the city centre and university
  • Tackling the issue of drivers overstaying their free parking time at district car parks (and making it difficult for other shoppers to park) by introducing a system where they must all register their session using an app or terminal. Drivers will not need to display a ticket
  • Increasing the fee of the popular Accessibility Permit (which allows blue badge holders to park for free in certain car parks) from £40 to £60 a year but expanding it to include all car parks
  • Introducing a charge of £150 to cover the cost of installing a disabled parking space.