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Petition Hold a binding referendum on the future of the TV licence.​

The TV Licence has been a cause of much concern to the general public over a long period of time with many petitions and debates taking place. The BBC say they are answerable to the general public yet the public get very little say into their funding, it's now time to let the public have their say.

The government should give the general public a binding referendum on the future of the TV Licence before the next royal charter, the questions should be how the BBC is funded:

1) remain the same, the licence will remain as it is now
2) change to a Subscription service and be able to have advertising, the bbc will get its funds from subscribers and by showing adverts this will also decriminalise the licence as there will be no need for enforcement.

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Campaigners are demanding a vote on the future of the funding model for the BBC. They want the
public to be able to have their say on how the corporation should receive money beyond 2026 when
the current royal charter, which sets out the BBC's terms of operation, ends.
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Dosnt effect me, sorry. In Sweden a small part of the tax you pay goes towards the tv licence whether you have a tv or not. If there is only one in the household then thats all that pays for the licence fee, if there are six tax paying members of the household then they all contribute towards the licence.