Plymouth City Council – Bad Decision


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Plymouth City Council – Bad Decision

In fact, two bad decisions in my opinion.

Charging us for the privilege of taking our own soil and rubble to the tip is a green light for even more “Fly Tippers”. Surely this should be a free service. The same applies to garden waste, I was down there last week, and the queue was terrible. This was because the garden waste collection service for this year has finished – far too early and therefore requiring masses of cars to trundle down to do the job when a lorry could have saved time, money and fuel. Next year we will have to pay – in my case, I don’t think so.

I know they have to get money from somewhere, but most people are looking for saving too and this issue is not wonderful to say the least.

Please refer to my posts under “General Chat and Plymouth Surroundings”.

Any ideas should of course be directed to PCC, but would appreciate your thoughts on this one on this site if you like.


I've been saying it for years, the councils are encouraging, almost demanding, that people flytip by
having huge rip-off charges for lawful tipping. These companies can't afford that and can't charge
extortionate fees to customers or there wont be any customers.