Scam Delivery Text Messages


We would like to remind residents to be wary when receiving texts requesting a delivery charge or missed delivery which includes a link. There are various different scam texts and emails of this type in circulation.

If you are expecting an item and you are not sure whether the text is genuine, if possible, look at the website of the company that the text purports to be from – most have advice on how to check a text from them is genuine along with information how to report suspicious texts and emails.

Suspicious texts can also be forwarded on to your network provider by messaging the number 7726, this spalls ‘SPAM’ on a telephone keypad, texts forwarded to this number are free.

For any suspicious emails you receive, please forward to the National Cyber Security Centre: [email protected]
If you have clicked and supplied your details please phone your bank/building society immediately (if any financial information has been passed) and also report to Action Fraud via the website or by phoning 0300 123 2040
If you have any concerns please email [email protected] or phone 101.

Please pass this information on and consider displaying in public areas such as notice boards etc.
Message Sent By
Linzi Berryman (Police, Devon and Cornwall Alert Officer, Devon & Cornwall)