Stirling Road is a Joke


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Stirling Road Surgery!
Again, another issue for this place.

The wife suffers with Ovarian Cysts and Endometriosis. It's very painful from what I can make from it.

Today she's in a lot of pain. It seems to happen around "the time" in the month.

She put an eConsult in and was told it would be looked at within a week. She called up to escalate this
as ideally she needs some medicine today. We have been through this many many times.

Surgery unable to do anything and advised to call 111...... 111 batted it back saying it is down to your
GP to sort. Back to the Surgery. Nope we can help on the 15th July, earliest slot we have. If you need
help, call 111...... So called 111, and they agreed to send a request for a prescription to Stirling Road,
only to find out the chanel they use isnt accepting requests.

They've turned it off. So 111 look for other ways to get it, and in the end said it would go to Derriford
A&E.... She then got a text to say attend A&E at 7pm tonight. This isnt an appointment time and you
would still be subject to any waiting times.

So she rang A&E only to be politely told that this isn't a service they can offer and its for medical emergencies
only. (Which we knew) and they said she would probably be sent away. So on the phone again, back and fourth
the only option being wait till after 6pm when Stirling is closed, and Devon Doctors take over the lines.

Or call 999 and get an ambulance.....


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This is starting to frighten me. We all need to see a doctor at some time, what if it's serious and you
don't get to see them for a week or two or even not at all.
What if it's serious but not an emergency so you can't go to A&E, they will turn you away.

I genuinely am frightened .


Join the club. My wife has had a similar experience. She still has not had a proper diagnosis, is still awaiting an appointment and was fobbed off with some Co-Codemol Tablets. There doesn't seem to be an answer!


My neighbour is in the NHS and they are still on min wage so can't blame them all for going
elsewhere to earn a living.