The Wednesday Wind Up - Oxford Uni Students Group removing Queens Portrait from its Common Room


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The Wednesday Wind Up

Well lets be honest the woke brigade have slowly but surely worked their way to this point. After successfully managing to tear down Colston’s Statue in Bristol, what better high horse to sit on than to have a bash at our queen.

This mornings papers are full of this and I think the following link will show how “Wet as a Can of Wee Wee” some people are!!

Good Morning Britain - An Oxford University students' group has voted to take down a portrait of the Queen from its common room because some students believe she represents "recent colonial history" (


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This has to be the lecturers, the students are too bloody thick to think of these thing themselves.
They should teach the subject and not brainwash the the students with politics and their own beliefs.


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That's it exactly Bengie - I so hope this new news station of Andrew Neils will take on this sort of

Wilfred Shilling

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I'm looking forward to having a watch of his new channel. I've watched him for many many years on
the BBC and he is so unbiased that I still don't know what his politics are, he must swing one way or
the other but he has never let on in his interviews, he treats all parties the same.