Today is World Bee Day! 20 May 2021


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Today is World Bee Day! For us humble bees, it’s a day to celebrate another year of hard work. Bees play an all-important role when it comes to the health of our natural world. In fact, around 80% of European wildflowers only continue to exist because we and our friends pollinate them. And we need your help to protect our future.

Today, you can stand up for me and my friends with a Bee Saver Kit. It’s packed with everything you need to change our fortunes and protect nature. Learn more about bees while planting your wildflower seeds and create a buzzing habitat for us. We’ll come and visit to say thank you.

Donate for your kit and it’ll be sent straight to your doorstep.

Your Bee Saver Kit will include:
  • Wildflower seeds – to help provide vital food and habitat.
  • Bee saver guide – with tips including how to build a bee hotel.
  • Bee spotter guide – to identify us when we visit your flowers.
  • Garden planner – to help you plan a bee-friendly green space.
  • Bee postcard – to send to your loved ones.
  • Bee Saver Kit folder – to store your bee-saving materials in one place.

Whether you have a garden or just space for some new wildflowers on your windowsill, you can create a haven for me and my friends this summer.

Your donation today will help Friends of the Earth continue its important work, including protecting nature.

Thank you so much,

PS. Celebrate World Bee Day with a Bee Saver Kit. You can help create a brighter future for bees.
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We have Lavender out the front and the Bumble Bees love that, we get loads of them so they are
looked after for when they next start to blossom and the Bees return.


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Our dogs kill them when they catch them which they do quite often. The perimeter around our garden is a no go area.


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They only kill them until they get stung. Once is enough, they leave them alone after that.